Health & Fitness Industry

Providing business development expertise and operational support 


  • Independent Health Club Operators 

  • Health Club Franchisees

  • Personal Training Studios

  • Yoga Studios

  • Athletic-Sports Conditioning Centers

  • Commercial Real-estate Developers 

  • Corporate Fitness Centers

Support with Executive Responsibilities​​


Portfolio of Experience 

  • As COO I was accountable for achieving an annual sales target of 12 million

  • Assumed full responsibility for P&L, marketing, business development and sales for all locations

  • Development and execution of Best Practices, Key Metrics and Reports

  • Provide Strategy and tactical leadership to the Sales Management team, Fitness Department and Operations

  • Green Field Development, Merger and Acquisition Responsibilities, Negotiations, Strategic Planning. Operational Analysis, Due Diligence Management. Payroll Management,

  • Established company policy. Set the Customer Service standards and training

  • Position the organization to increase market share by making the competition irrelevant

  • I can help you transition from a local  into a regional operator


Health Club
Strategic Marketing Plans
Health Club
Strategic Marketing Plans

Creating and capitalizing on effective Advertising Campaigns and promotional in house programming is a fundamental key to success. Although we would like to think that our referral business will drive the majority of traffic into your center .....its not true. If you want to increase sales volumes you'll need to build effective campaigns that take into consideration all aspects of the sales process while remaining focused on its ROI. The compelling ad content that creates an emotional response and a call to action will only be as effective as the systems that track leads and the training of your sales team to close. Increasing the average sale to include other services while building a customer relationship that yields referral business and long term retention is the end game.


  • Implementing campaign drivers and goals tied to lead generation and conversion rates with constant focus on advertising ROI is essential in determining effectiveness. Always remain focused on maximizing ROI and how it influences operations, sales and the billing process is key. It's all about lead generation, you need leads to generate tours and sales.


  • The relationship between marketing sales and operations has to be seamless, each department supports the other. Effective communication with department heads when rolling out a campaign is essential to ensure an easy transition managing the telephone inquiry, walk-in, guest from tour to close. 
  • Creative solutions for seasonal Campaigns that help offset the summer slowdown, traffic building programs to increase business over the holidays. January promotions that capitalize on New Years resolution oppurtunities! Fitness Challenges that impact PT volumes.

You are welcome to view this presentation on Health Club Strategic Marketing Plans. This presentation includes valuable insight on membership offers, programming highlights and multi-media examples that ensure higher traffic volumes and increased conversion rates. 

Setting Sales Goals and Expectations
Setting Sales Goals and Expectations 

at the club.


Creating sales compensation incentives that are tied to production expectations. Tiered Bonus programs and commission programs that ensure a team effort and commitment to pay the price in full in order to exceed expectations. Have you considered TEAM Commissions (group gross) its powerful when each player has buy-in. The Team or Group gross commission concept is a powerful option it creates an environment of teamwork. A built in incentive for all participants to help each other become there best. I believe this program can make a significant improvement in the corporate culture and customer responsiveness.


Corporate Fitness Wellness Center Design & Management Services
Corporate Fitness wellness center design & managment services

Corporations or Commercial Real-estate Developers wanting to develop an On-site Fitness and Wellness Center:


 Controlling escalating health care costs, increasing employee productivity, two of corporate America’s primary challenges in the coming decade. The cost of insuring a family of four has risen as much as 400% in just the last eight years. Those families are part of your corporation and you know who continues to foot the bill.


 The more fit you are, the better you feel, the harder you work. That’s true for the individual and it’s true for companies, as the physical fitness of every employee affects the fiscal fitness of every corporation. Corporate Fitness Center Design and Management Services. The evidence pointing toward the success of corporate fitness programs is indisputable. Our consulting services have been established to meet this demand.


Whether you are starting with a space for renovation or a vision and a plot of land, we can provide you with a turnkey facility, layout, usage projections, programming, equipment recommendations, HVAC requirements and budget.


 We've worked on facilities from the ground up; we believe it’s our job to optimize whatever resources are available to achieve the most effective use of your space. And when your fitness center opens you can feel confident that you have created  a facility where your employees will step in and come back.


Corporate Fitness and Wellness Solutions

  • Wellness Technology Corporate Programming
  • Health Risk appraisals, Life-style assessment surveys,
  • Fitness assessments, flexibility, strength
  • Biometric assessments -Blood Chemistry, Cardiovascular assessments, Body composition
  • Exercise program design 
  • Individual and group tracking reports
  • Fitness and wellness library
  • Nutritional meal planning



  • Fitness and nutritional education
  • Workplace ergonomics
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • Back and neck care
  • Office yoga
  • Weight Management
  • Employee Fitness Incentives


Company Events

  • CPR and First Aid Certifications
  • Wellness Committee Development
  • Wellness Health Fairs
  • Massage Stress Breaks
  • Outdoor Activities: Hiking, Cycling, Rafting and Corporate Fitness Challenges!



Sales Managment 
& Marketing
Sales Management  
& Marketing

Creating promotional campaign advertising that creates an emotional response with a call to action is key. Ensuring that your branding policy and company image is maximized with consistency builds name recognition Brand Equity and credibility.


  • Building a strong sales force starts with knowing how to hire he right candidate. What personality traits are you looking for and what practical experience has prepared them. High level of achievement drive and trustworthiness are the two most important. It's your responsibility to provide direction and the tools necessary for them to succeed. 

  • You'll need a clear picture of your companies mapping strategy and sales vision.

  • Successfully executed on several aggressive Pre-sale and Grand Openings strategies exceeding expectations.

  • Held sales and leadership effectiveness training. Maintained a principle centered leadership and management philosophy.

  • Successfully integrated a positive corporate culture maintaining high moral and low employee turnover.

  • Set all monthly sales targets for each department and evaluated production and performance daily. Holding effective weekly department head meetings.  

  • Conceived and managed marketing campaigns, building strong awareness through direct mail, media buys including radio, TV, on-line marketing, member retention via interactive media, e-mail, mobile marketing  and social media outlets, community relations and PR.

  • Created the Corporate Sale Department programming, marketing and collateral material, lead generation and tracking systems. Trained GM's and sales staff on department policy, procedures.

  • Created sales incentive programs, point of sale presentation material. Posters collateral material.

  • Trained sales teams and monitored lead tracking and lead generating systems. 

  • Recruited hired and trained all key personnel. Created company payroll compensation plans.

  • Responsible for managing internal marketing activities/ programs and website management. 



Sales Training for Membership and

Personal Training

Sales Training for Membership and Personal Training


Finally a membership sales training program that is easy to understand and implement. Sales' training from a consulting sales approach. A sales process from the customers' perspective, making the closing sequence easy ensuring the highest possible conversion ratios and increased average sale. Selling with the prospects interest  in mind is the foundation for building referral business. Professionalism and commitment toward their success is what will separate you from the competition.


The Membership Sales Process  

Prospective members need to believe they will be successful. You need to gain their trust and be a resource for them providing direction, encouragement and support. Always with their best interest in mind; if you do that and match the features with the benefits along the way they will join. Educate motivate and inspire them. Remember motivation through education know your product and be able to teach. Sales are the transference of enthusiasm. The only reason they do not join is; they are not confident that they will succeed for whatever the reason or they simply need to justify the price. Isolate commitment or price then simply help them rationalize what it is they truly want anyway. To become a member and change the course of their life.


In this sales training program you will learn the basics of product knowledge and gain a complete understanding of the key steps in the sales process.


  • Approach

  • Interview

  • Demonstrate 

  • Validate

  • Negotiate 

  • Close

  • Post Close/Customer Engagement


Personal Training

Personal Training


PT is an important income stream and line item, more often than not following an extensive cost analysis you may discover the true ROI has an average of only 25%-35%. 

  • How can you generate $100,000 in new PT sales in one month?
  • Programming payroll alternatives for implementing a successful fitness PT campaign
  • Marketing your training programs to ensure maximum participation


Customer Service Excellance

Customer Service Excellance


Customer service fundamentals training program. It takes a commitment from the top down when setting customer service standards. Your corporate culture must embrace service, the program provides your front line team with training and tools to effectively communicate with customers including conflict resolution. Customer Service is tied directly to member retention.

Small Market Sports Performance Model

Niche Market Opportunities for Operators


SMC's Centre Ice Fitness is a unique business model for a small market positioned to meet the needs of the local community and to capitalize on the potential Athletic Sports Performance Component for the Fitness Department. 


Our location is unique in that we are inside a sports complex. Home of the NHL Redwings Development Camp and NHL Prospects Tournament. Our target market is the resident in our neighboring communities of all ages and fitness levels. We specialize in corporate fitness/wellness programing. We can meet the needs of many employers in close proximity. We serve the purpose of supporting Centre Ice and its commitment to providing the best possible experience for participating organizations through sports conditioning programs.

Fitness for the Community  

Sports Conditioning for the Athletes