Health Care Continuum

Capitalize on marketing and sales activities that are measureable to increase census


Post-Acute Service Providers

Skilled Nursing Centers

Assisted Living Centers

Senior Housing

Hospice Centers

Eldercare Service Providers



Market Conditions

With consideration given to the growing senior population it's no secret

why savvy investors are moving toward the Post-Acute Care space.

From Developers building Assisted Living Senior Centers to entrepreneurs 

providing services needed to support this growing demographic. 

The Medicare Senior care demographics within the health care space are highly favorable. 



By 2040, the number of people over the age of 65 is expected to double.

As people age, they are more likely to require the kinds of services you specialize in. It is estimated that 2 out of every 5 people over 65 will require the services of a skilled nursing center in their lifetime. The growth rate on home health and alternative care services, assisted living centers is making an impact on Skilled Nursing. There is an escalation of admission criteria for residents requiring skilled nursing care and the focus by nursing centers to provide rehabilitative services to individuals to return home or to a lower cost setting. Heavy emphasis is being placed on reducing return to hospital rates. 


Despite these alternative senior services that have developed over the years, the growth of the senior demographics will create greater demand for the services of skilled nursing centers. They are the lower-cost alternative for short-term rehabilitative care.

Setting your Sales Vision and Mapping Strategy
New Marketing Alternatives

Setting your Sales Vision and Mapping Strategy


Full Beds vs. Empty Beds


What's the actual cost of having open beds. How will you fill them considering the changing landscape of senior care alternatives? Gone are the days of capturing the lion's share of discharges then becoming reactionary when low census becomes a crisis. Proactive planning helps ensure success.


                   500              Open Beds

          x    $250               Average daily rate

          x      356               Days per year                    

          =    $45,625,000   Annual Revenue Opportunity



You can't count on the hopes that discharges will come your way. You need to create a short term and long term Sales Vision and Mapping Strategy.


  • Focus on Quality (I.e. Survey Performance Quality awards)

  • Reinvest in centers to meet market demands

  • Develop programs and services that complement hospital programs and community demand

  • Foster a Sales Culture that drive sales through relationships and account management

  • Position for the future

  • Fostering family and community loyalty

  • Selling hope and inspiration

  • Creating a Brand.

  • Vertical and Horizontal integration with Hospitals and Medical Affiliates



Health Services Experience

Health Services Experience


Extendicare  Regional Director of Sales & Marketing

I have led a sales and marketing team of internal and external marketing staff to establish business relationships in the Region and provide Center and Regional technical expertise regarding internal and external sales and marketing systems that result in census and revenue growth that meet and exceed Regional budget expectations.


  • Manage personal set of key accounts.

  • Develop and implement Regional sales/marketing plans and strategies resulting in increased Census mix/total, specifically related to Medicare, Managed Care and Total census.

  • Design, facilitate and lead sales/marketing strategy for the      division 

  • Hire, coach, train and develop Regional sales/marketing force 

  • Played an active role in Annual Budget as well as P&L reviews

  • Provided assistance in problem solving and action planning    where needed 

  • Provided input regarding center’s appearance, budgeting and  capital needs

  •  Provided expertise on marketing metrics and demographic  analysis

  • Conduct performance evaluations of all direct reports including Score Cards.

  • Coordinate, develop, and approve all regional marketing events, educational programs and other referral generating events. Assist in developing and implementing effective use of sales and admission’s process in each centers.





Creating your Strategic Marketing Plan

New Marketing Alternatives


Many Healthcare providers lag behind the newer cost effective ways to market their product and services. There are CRM Customer relationship management software/programs and social media options if managed effectively will build customer loyalty and referral business. Sales Management and lead software can help manage production and build business relationships while creating sales accountability. Effective Media planning is key. There are many alternatives for building compelling campaigns that provide branding opportunities.

Creating your SMP


SMP Strategic Marketing Plans must include


Strategic Objective (Must be Measurable)

Tactics Project and Message (What) 

Responsible Party (who) 

Completion Date or Frequency

Estimated Cost 



Key Components of Your Plan


External Census Development (Sales Calls)

External Events (Marketing)

Specific Tactics delegated to the program, services or department you need to promote.

Community Events / Health Fairs / Facility Events etc.

Advertising: ads, press releases, testimonials 

Follow up items, recent marketing audits and competitive analysis


Score Cards or Marketing Optimization software to Measure Performance


Score cards and marketing software are a tools to set drivers and metrics that measure effectiveness with systems and protocols. Your ability to manage your sales, marketing and service efforts are crucial. Below are several items you would include in creating Score Cards.
















Return to Hospital Rates as% of Total Discharges

Length of Stay

Unplanned Discharges

Staff Turnover

Total Discharges as % of Total Census





Total and Medicare conversion rates

In hospital visits

Center Tours

Admisions Process


Facility/ Plant Inspections





Sales Calls

Market Intellegence

Market Share



Account Managment

Sales Team Execution

Volume Inquiries

Pipline Diversity


Senior Living REIT Experience

Holiday Retirement LLC. 

Hired to create a business development /community outreach program and contribute to increased census and establish community relations. Working with all eldercare based businesses including Hospitals medical professional outreach, physician referrals, County Commission on Aging and related senior centers, Skilled Nursing facilities CCRC’s, Home care agencies, discharge planners and social workers. Completed competition analysis. I’m an active volunteer and member of (BASA) Bay Area Senior Advocates.