Areas of expertise and support


Our goal is to help grow your business and cash flow while increasing the value of your company. 



Management Strengths Includes

Solutions-Oriented Selling

Revenue Growth

Contract Negotiations

Sales Team Development

Leadership Effectiveness


Skilled Presenter and Trainer

Expense Reductions

Key Account Management

B2B-B2C Strategic Marketing

Advertising Campaign Creation


Multi-Platform Marketing

New Market Penetration

Inbound Content Marketing

New Market Business Development

Manage Production Accountability


Leadership Effectiveness
Sales Department Development & Training

Leadership Effectiveness

There is a distinct difference between leadership and management. You manage systems and things and you lead people. Is the leadership and corporate culture one based on trust and empowerment or mistrust and control? Is there lack of cooperation and buy in from all stakeholders? Provide principle centered leadership so sales teams are motivated from within to do their best rather than a result of being instructed to do it or face consequences. Developing a great corporate culture starts with meeting the employee's needs and goals, then ensuring they are in alignment with corporate objectives. You then set expectations.


Production Metrics

Set production standards linked to Drivers and Metrics for managing established accounts, closing new accounts. Conversion rates, measure sales activity by category. Touch Plan/ emails follow up client communication, newsletter/updates. Account sales volumes and average sale. CRM marketing software and or Score Cards to measure effectiveness with systems and protocols. 

Advertising Media Buys & Brand Equity

Sales Department Training

Goal setting, time management, prospecting, network marketing, cold calling, developing a strong referral base, upgrading, Corporate sales, The consultative sales process itself and key steps in the interview and closing process, followed up by effective customer service follow through. Candidate Recruitment Ad placement, scouting, job descriptions, interviews compensation plans and incentive based bonus programs, contests. Effective communication of roles and goals. Territory management by geographic or category listings.


Tracking sales leads
Interactive Digital Marketing / Marketing Optimization

Interactive Digital Marketing/Marketing optimization

Choosing the right CRM/sales software integration to ensure tracking and analyze every lead in your sales funnel – Digital marketing strategy inbound /outbound marketing. Times are changing make sure your old marketing playbook is not out of date. These days new marketing is focused on web optimization that is driven by social content inbound marketing, blogging and link building. Understanding changes in technology and the impact it can have on marketing is important.


Advertising Media Buys & Building Brand Equity

Activity will be determined by budget and strategic marketing plan and its associated budget. Collaborate with senior management on advertising and creative campaigns for both print and interactive media buys. Understanding demographics, market penetration expectations competition and drilling down on your target market profile are important key steps for managing Campaign ROI effectiveness.