SMC is an independent consultancy committed to helping small and medium size business improve performance with their strategic sales and marketing plans. 


We focus on coordinating production standards linked to drivers and metrics for managing sales and marketing efforts. We can then provide tools and training that enable you to successfully execute on compelling campaigns to ensure maximum ROI.


SMC remains focused on three major industries that are currently experiencing meteoric growth. 

Health and Fitness,  Health Care ContinuumMobile & Digital Marketing

Steps of Discovery

Based on a review and an assessment of goals in the below categories, we will be able to provide ownership with a formula for the appropriate strategies to ensure future success.


Operational Analysis

Profitability improvement, organizational effectiveness, and quality management are three important components of your operational analysis. An outside objective opinion often provides valuable insight.  


Overview or Summary

The summary should briefly describe your business and the major points of your plan.  


Situation SWOT Analysis

A detailed and brutally honest assessment of your market, your competitors the opportunities and challenges for your business. 

Strengths  Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats 


Marketing Strategy

Specific business revenue goals, as well as a strategy for tackling the market opportunities we identified in the situation analysis 


Marketing Tactics

Action plan for executing on the strategy outlined in the previous section 


Marketing Budget and Timeline

The projected costs and timeline related to your marketing tactics.

Tom Duggan

Business Experience


​Prior to working in digital media and mobile IT as a consultant starting January 2012 I directed sales and marketing for organizations in both the Health and Fitness and Post-Acute Care Industries. I have over 25 years of practical sales management and leadership experience. I possess richly varied bottom line experience and have consistently demonstrated the ability to achieve financial results and exceed expectations.  I bring a broad set of operating skills and experience in building businesses. Previously, I was the COO of Allstar Fitness a chain of eight upper niche health clubs ranging from 40,000 sqft to 68,000 sqft, responsible for an annual budget of 12 million. During my tenure with ASF we achieved a CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate of 87.5 %. Prior to Allstar, I held a variety of sales and marketing director positions at Ballys, LA Fitness and Extendicare. I was the Founder and President of both a Health Club/Corporate Wellness center and an Ice Rink of my own. 




What am I passionate about?

What Am I Passionate About?


I'm passionate about making a significant contribution for those running an entrepreneurial business that are fighting the battle of turning it into a long-term profitable enterprise. It's sharing what I've learned in business by training, mentoring and providing advisory support.  Having always been an athlete and coach my approach to developing a sales organization is just like sports. You recruit and develop the right talent, create an effective game plan to ensure the best chance of success, then through effective leadership you gain commitment and buy-in from all stakeholders. We then execute and give our absolute best in the name of achieving the winning goal. These goals are set and focused on daily weekly monthly and annually! The competitor in me makes reaching these achievements fun an rewarding, I just hate losing.

Consultant for Hire 

Consultative fees vary depending on location and target industry. But there is a common methodology for arriving at the pricing structure. I would suggest an initial consultation free of charge to assess your needs and determine how I may best serve you. 


The terms of a consulting agreement can be based on an hourly rate with a retainer whereby we provide consulting services on a continual basis as demanded or based on the project. I am willing to relocate temporarily from one to twelve months depending on the project and terms.


I look forward to learning more about your business and identifying ways I can contribute to moving  it forward.